Senior engineering associate

Company Name:
The University of Iowa
Salary:$75,000.00 to Commensurate
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To plan, design, execute, and lead the construction, upgrades, and repairs of complex electronic and mechanical systems for the NADS. o Prepare extensive and complex engineering studies, estimates and reports for NADS hardware design systems. o Direct the implementation of plans, designs and specifications of projects to other engineers and/or technicians. o Conduct and oversee the testing, inspection, and evaluation of installations and NADS subsystems during and after completion. o Serve in capacity as head engineer for research projects. o Coordinate the planning and designing of complex electrical, electronic, mechanical systems and their integration to the NADS simulators and instrumented vehicle. Demonstrates experience with engineering multiple, components, devices, or products. o Inspect, survey and report on condition and operation of NADS electrical and electronic subsystem and initiate alterations, redesigns, enhancements and corrections. o Apply an extensive working knowledge of physics, control theory, signal processing algorithms, human perception and other fundamental science disciplines to project design and development. o Communicate complex technical concepts in simple and concise language that can be easily understood by NADS directors, principal investigators and project managers. o Create thorough documentation and training materials for developed products to facilitate ease of operation, maintenance and future development efforts. o Develop and manage budgets for development projects. o Contribute to departmental long term strategic planning and budgeting. o Communicates effectively with diverse audiences, using appropriate media and language. Coaches others on methods of improving their own communications. o Writes reports, articles, or books for distribution to the business or professional
. o Works to create a climate that values and rewards good oral and written communication. o Elaborates on considerations for designing integrated devices, products or systems. Compares and contrasts benefits and drawbacks and discusses challenges and opportunities of creating various designs. o Organizes potential problem solvers and leads problem resolution efforts through identifying risks and vulnerabilities, and creating contingency plans. o Analyzes and synthesizes information and devises alternative resolution strategies; quantifies the costs, benefits, risks and chances for success before recommending a course of action. o Plans, estimates, staffs, organizes and monitors significant projects, organizes and prioritizes the sequence of steps to be taken; identifies reporting requirements, and creates monitoring and control mechanisms. o Conducts regular and ad-hoc project reviews with project team, sponsors, and clients and creates and introduces new techniques that expedite or simplify the development process. o Defines, captures and monitors metrics for multiple functions. o Evaluates improvement efforts in quality and productivity and uses measurements to drive improvement. NADS is a custom built complex device so improving its reliability through re-design requires extensive understanding of electromechanical systems. o Builds working prototypes of a variety of proposed products or
using extensive experience developing multiple and diverse types of products or services. Develops proof-of-concept exercises to prove or disprove validity of proposed products. o Documents cost versus quality tradeoffs of alternative product designs and materials and works with Principle Investigators and Directors to redesign existing products.
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Background checks(criminal history, child/dependent adult sexual abuse) will be conducted on final candidates for all positions in UI Hospitals and Clinics. Background checks may also be conducted for other positions.
CITY, IA 52240

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